Please Read this.

geez. idk where to start.

I'll start with this, i guess. This Sunday was the Sunday before July 4th—the epitome of patriotism. and Temple Baptist Church put on a show.

that’s right—the church put on a show. complete with live choir, a guest singer (tours full time, CD’s available in the foyer), a skit, and (duh) the dance team. they put up the American flag in the back. they removed the flags that said the different names of God and replaced them with banners. they hung flags throughout the building. they sang “My country tis of thee” and other patriotic tunes, they honored the United States of America and the armed forces.

but they didn’t worship God.

seriously. i didn’t expect that. i expected Pastor Steve to do some sort of sermon about “Freedom under God’s rule” (but no—that’s right. they don’t preach Lordship Salvation.) or “God set our government in place” or “freedom of salvation” or something… but no. music, skit, dance, alter call. no sermon.

the dance team sat through the second service so we could watch it, and then we’d go backstage right before our dance. i couldn’t even sit through the whole thing.

i was disgusted, appalled, and greatly convicted. Sunday is to Worship God, not a country. the church is to Honor the God who gave His life to save our eternal souls, not men who died in the military to save another week or two of freedom.

now, i understand doing exactly what they did on a Saturday, or at Union Pointe Park on July 4th, but on a Sunday??? again, i found it very offensive. I do not believe that God was glorified.

another thing that bothered me was what one of the men said at the Alter Call. he said something along the lines of “people are out there, they’re not saved, and it’s our fault.” he was telling them that the only reason that there are those who aren’t saved yet is because the church hasn’t done their job.

but that’s not true. God says that He chose us before the foundation of the earth, and that we love Him because He first loved us, and so many other truths, that point to predestination and Election. and TBC doesn’t preach either of those.

I've begun to re-consider working with TBC, either the Dance Team or the Youth Group. I’ll have to talk to some different people if I'm going to continue attending.  I've decided this, though—I’ll do Cantata. it’s a show, i know that, but it’s not “instead” of a service, and it is centered around God. it’s centered around Jesus’ birth, one of the most monumental events in History. but other than that, I'm going to be talking to Alan and Kerry and Pastor Cobb about what’s going on in the church the next time i dance there.

Now i feel really bad that i missed what Pastor Will preached about. Thank God for Podcast sermons…

I hope whoever reads this a)agrees and is convicted or b)disagrees and doesn’t get too mad at me. and I ask that if you agree, you pray for me, my courage, my integrity (both of which are on the line, here.) and for TBC.

In Christ Always,

~Haley M

so…now i’m mad.

because French 3 isn’t going to be offered @ the community college next semester. which means I’ll have to a)homeschool the class or b)get a tutor. neither of which i want to do. crap.

oh well. life goes on….

I've been debating between what to major in, what degree to go for. mom wants me to do liberal arts. idk. I'm thinking criminology or home economics. i love sewing and cooking and stuff like that, and a lady @ our church did home Ec. and loved it. so we’ll see. why criminology? hm……. FBI sounds like fun…


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