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Knit Socks by Betsy Lee McCarthy: 3 Stars

Nice patterns, but nothing I haven't seen before. I like most of them, but again it's your average sock knitting book. I guess there's only so many socks under the sun? I really like fair isle and there were only a few fair isle and color combo socks. There was a lot of lace and I don't do lace. It really depends on what kind of socks you like.




Knit one, Bead too by Judith Durant: 5 Stars

This book is amazing. Durant takes you through all the different ways of using beads with knitting (I didn't realize there were so many options! and each gives a different look!). There are tons of neat patterns and lots of inspiring pictures and clear instructions. I've got a whole slew of things I want to make now!





The Sweater Chop Shop by Chrispina Ffrench: 3 stars

I have mixed feelings about this book. Some of the patterns and ideas are really cool, and as an easily inspired person I sort of want to go over to my local goodwill and get a bunch of wool sweaters and make stuff. The patterns and photos and projects are very inspiring. However it was difficult to get past some of the less attractive designs. A few sweaters just looked trashy. Some of the scarves that could have looked artistic were just strange. The little creatures could be really cool, but I didn't like the images she gave.

I would use this book as a launching pad or a starting point for people who are already good at taking scraps and salvaging things to make into new clothes and want some ideas on what to do with sweaters. A possibility I saw with this book is wool roving (using needles to push raw wool into felt to create a pattern). With some design and color work, these could be cool projects. I just don't particularly like all the photos she used.

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