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Don't read any of this, it's not interesting at all.

Ever get a book in the mail you didn't request? I have. Recently I received two copies of a book that I didn't request. I felt really guilty, but I didn't read it and I probably won't. I don't have the time. I have other books that are more interesting. I have pre-publication copies. I'm not going to waste my time reading a book that isn't even the genre I like just because I have it.

I've also found that if I have a bunch of books to review and I try to read them in a first-come first-served order, I get frustrated because I'm not in the mood to read that book right now. And that usually affects my review or how much I like it. So I try to get to a book within a reasonable amount of time, but I have to want to read it or it won't be worth the time reading.

And what is it with ARCs anyway? Why will people do anything to get their hands on an ARC? Does it make us feel special or important? Is it because they're rare? I've found more and more that ARCs are inconvenient. After I read them, I can't do anything with them. They can't be sold, sometimes my used book stores won't take them, and libraries can't put them into circulation because they don't have ISBN numbers. I started a website called ARC Swap (free to join, by the way), which is like Paperback swap only just for ARCs. The thing is though, a book can only be swapped a few times before the publication date is so far past that people aren't interested anymore. Logically I'd prefer hardbacks, because I can read them, let my folks and family read them, and then donate them to the library when my family is done with them. And yet for some reason, ARCs bring me great joy.

I have begun to enjoy non-fiction more and more. Books like The Respectable Sins and The Healing Code, things that tell me information about humans and nature and thoughts and science and other random stuff. I find that I can incorporate it into the books I write, and it enriches them.

I wonder if the reverse psychology worked…

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