A few random things

First, reviews that are coming up soon and books I've gotten in lately:



Second, Links you should check out:


Third, Events coming up:

  • My birthday giveaway (probably some ARCs… Since most of the pictures above are ARCs… and I can't do anything with them….)
  • NaNoWriMo (my username is Haleyknitz! I'm so going to actually do it this year!!! maybe.) I'll probably try to get work done on the same NaNoWriMo book I've been working on (cough for three years cough). It's only about 20,000 words right now. If I write 50,000 on top of what I have, that'll bring it up to a full length Paranormal YA romance, which is about the word count required anyway… We'll see. There is this thing called school.
  • Publication (well, me uploading some PDF's) of some knitting patterns I'm working on.

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