Review and tour: Playing Hurt

Playing Hurt by Brian Goins
Genre: Christian Instructional
ISBN: 9780825426735
Published: August 1st 2011 by Kregel Publication

Rating: 4

Playing hurt is basically a marriage manual for men. But it's not a book on how to "win" the game of marriage against your wife: it's how to win with your wife. It's not how to change your wife so you can be happier: It's on how to change yourself so you can better glorify God through beautifying your wife.

I am, obviously, not a man. So you may be thinking "Haley, why are you reading a men's marriage book?"

well I've got a few answers:

1. I'm a writer, and I like reading things from a man's perspective so I can better write from their perspectives.

2. I'm hoping to get married one day, and it would be nice to understand how my husband thinks.

3. If I understand the ways women usually hurt men and understand men's weaknesses, I can avoid hurting my husband and support him in his weaknesses.

So those are the reasons I personally read this book. I found a lot of good information, and I got to see the other side of the relationship.

Recommendation: I definitely recommend Playing Hurt to men, but their wives can get something out of it as well. Sometimes as women we don't understand that we've hurt our man. But our words cut deeper than we know. It reminds me a lot of For Men Only and For Women Only (very good books by the way!).

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