Review: I Knew You'd Be Lovely

I Knew You'd Be Lovely by Alethea Black
Genre: Short stories, adult fiction
ISBN: 9780307886033
Published: June 7, 2011 by Broadway Paperbacks

Rating: 3

Alethea Black has an interesting writing style. It's a little confusing. She writes from third person and one specific character's perspective, but then switches to another character. It's a bit disorienting and I had trouble keeping track of who was thinking or talking about who.

I read three of the stories. One of them I liked, another I was perplexed by, and the end surprised me, but I didn't particularly like it. A third I couldn't get into because it felt like empty conversation and no conflict. I've had this book to review for a while now, and it took me a good amount of time to sit down and read it.

And I don't really know why I didn't like it. Maybe the characters weren't people I could connect with. Maybe the writing was confusing. Maybe the plots themselves didn't speak to me. But I doubt I'll finish all the stories, and I probably won't keep the book.

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