Review: The Little Red Book of Wisdom

The Little Red Book of Wisdom by Mark DeMoss
Genre: Christian wisdom
ISBN: 9781595553546
Published: June 14th 2011 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. (first published March 13th 2007)

Rating: 5

The number one reason I like this book is it doesn't feel like a sermon. It feels like a reference book. Many "self-help" books feel like the author is preaching or lecturing you directly. DeMoss is telling stories and providing examples to prove his point, and letting you come to the conclusion yourself and decide what to do with that information. It's much more inspiring that it is convicting.

I read selected chapters from the book. I found something in every chapter I read and every page I skimmed outside of those chapters. I fully intend on keeping this book on my shelf next to my other favorite reference books.

It is a "Christian" book, there is mention of God, there are Bible verses, but the advice and wisdom within the book and the stories and testimonies would be profitable to anyone, believer or not. Again, it doesn't feel like a sermon, and the chapters are real wisdom and common sense explained in a way that it applies to everyone, not a "make-your-life-perfect" sermon.

Recommendation: Ages 12-Adult. This book has something for everyone in nearly every situation. I think it would make a great gift High School or College students, newlyweds, individuals just getting a job, etc.

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