Crude Deception

Gordon Zuckerman is on tour for his new book Crude Deception, and is visiting The Life and Lies today!

About Crude Deception:

The sentinels return in an epic battle against a big oil monopoly. As America's dependence on fossil fuel takes hold in the post-World War Two climate of economic growth, seven major oil companies join forces to control the industry, amassing obscene profits, squeezing tax-payers, and manipulating supplies around the world. The Sentinels, graduates of an elite American doctoral program - who, in Zuckerman's last book, foiled a group of German industrialists' scheme to hoard illegal war profits set out to break the circle of power. They quickly discover that the oil barons' influence runs deep in the U.S. and British government and banking sectors. Undeterred, the Sentinels fan out across several continents in an intricately plotted mission to bring Big Oil to its knees.

Can those who are independent of world governments and big business step forward and make a difference? Can the powerful forces behind world domination be stopped? In the anticipated follow up to the best selling The Sentinels: Fortunes of War, author Gordon Zuckerman tackles the unbridled limits of power, greed and corruption in Crude Deception.

In the new book, the group of six financial geniuses from the first adventure are back to battle the Post WWII oil cartels that threaten global prosperity and governmental autonomy.

Drawing on the headlines of yesterday and today, this story takes us back to the early days of WWII when a runaway oil monopoly began to take shape and develop a firm grip on the world with dire consequences.


Learn more about Crude Deception here.

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