Knitting Beyond the Edge

Knitting Beyond the Edge by Nicky Epstein
Genre: Knitting pattern ideas
ISBN: 9781936096039
Published: September 6th 2011 by Nicky Epstein Books

Rating: 5

This book is fantastic. It's so inspiring and interesting and exciting. It's divided into four sections: Cuffs and Collars, Necklines, Corners and Edges, and Closures. Each one has pages and pages of different interesting unique ideas.

I would call this book a designer's sourcebook. Yes the patterns can be used to change or alter an existing pattern, or dress up that plain sweater, but they can also be used in and of themselves. Collars can be used as cowls, Cuffs can be turned into wristlets, or even mittens or gloves. I see potential hats and socks in here too for people like me who like to write down the pattern as they go, or design something based off a picture they saw.

There's even a few full patterns thrown in here, all of which I love, and a few of which I'm definitely going to have to knit… especially that fair isle sweater. Goodness gracious it makes me want to jump for joy.

The patterns themselves are easy to understand and concise, and the pictures are very good and show off the project without being distracting.

Recommendation: Intermediate/Advanced. Anyone who likes to go above and beyond in their knitting, or knitters who design their own patterns


  1. Hi: I have a question, I have seen photos of the cover of this book with this red knitted thing and I have seen covers with a knitted thing that has green and brown leaves, but both have the same title KNITTING BEYOND THE EDGE by Nicky Esptein. Are both the same book?

    1. Yes: the red knit sweater on the front of this cover is the paperback version: the green thing is the hardback.



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