Review: Stitchionary volume six: Edgings

Stitchionary 6: Edgings
Vogue Knitting
ISBN: 9781936096220
Published: November 1st 2011 by Sixth&Spring Book
Rating: 4

This book is very similar to Knitting Beyond the Edge, but I don't like as many as the patterns. I like a lot of them, but I don't like as many as I did in KBtE. This might be because the patterns were presented in a relatively boring way: a photo, the pattern, and a number. There weren't any pictures of the edges being used, or examples, so maybe it was just hard to visualize using them. Again, I liked a lot of them, and they were inspiring, but not as much as I'd hoped.

It has seven sections: Ribs, Texture, Cables, Lace, Color, Unusual, and Crochet. There are some other things in the back like a glossary and abbreviations. I like the cables, lace, color, and unusual sections a lot. Of course I don't knit lace, so usability wise I would really only use three out of the seven sections.

Overall it's an extremely convenient and important tool for pattern designers and people like me who make stuff up as they go along. If this book is anything like the others, I'd love to have the rest of the Stitchionary volumes for my collection.

Recommendation: Knitters of all skill levels. There are very simple and basic patterns for ribs and seed stitches, all the way up to extremely complicated lace and Celtic knots.

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