Easiest Scarf Ever

First knitting pattern post of the year! How exciting!!

I'll have a picture up soon (I mailed away the finished project before I snapped a shot) but I've been knitting this simple scarf for about two years now. It's so easy, and so perfect for everything.

US 10.5 or 12 needles
Cast On 40 stitches
Row 1: K1 P1 to the end
Every other row after that: slip 1, [p1, k1 to the end]
Bind off snugly, and add fringe if desired. 

The awesome thing about this scarf is it looks like stockinette, but it's actually a 1X1 rib. Slipping the first stitch keeps the first loop from looking too large or baggy or loose. It's extra warm and thick and very  comfy, and doesn't curl.

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  1. My grandmother taught me how to knit years ago. I haven't done it in ages though. I keep wanting to pick it back up. This sounds like a scarf that would be pretty easy to make. Maybe this year I will pick up the needles again. :)




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