The blessings and curses of being an English major.

I'm a professional writing major. Professional Writing is WCU's version of a combo English major that consists of literature, technical and workplace writing, and creative writing.

This semester, I am taking 2 literature courses: African Literature, and 19th Century British Literature. In these two classes, we have already read several novels, including Emma, Heart of Darkness, Things Fall Apart, and a lot of Wordsworth and Coleridge poetry.

Point is, I don't have a whole lot of time left for reading stuff I really want to read, like Under the Never Sky, or Possession, or Every Other Day, and especially The Fault in Our Stars. I have like 15 review books I'm behind on, and more coming in! gah!

On top of it all… I have started the second draft of Accidental Girlfriend. I'm moving forward. I really want to publish this novel!

And today I found out that I have a weird eye condition where I can't really see much of anything, so I need bifocals. So yeah. That doesn't make reading any easier.

So what I'm trying to say is, I'm still alive, I promise, I'm just struggling to balance my time between reading Bleak House (next week's book!), teaching pre-pointe ballet, keeping my cardio levels reasonable, studying my French homework, knitting pokemon (which has become my main source of income) and getting enough sleep.

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  1. Good luck balancing everything! I hope the bifocals are easy to adjust to and make a big difference in your sight.




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