What is the difference between a write-up and a review?

A review is an in-depth critique at a book's plot, characters, writing, and pacing, and my reactions to it.

A write-up is me telling you about the book, what it's like, and why you should read it, even though I didn't.

These books I didn't finish. It wasn't because they were bad, it was just because they

a) weren't for me
b) I didn't have time (for instance, if it just showed up, and I didn't request it, I'm not going to put it above the ones I did commit to reading)
c) I took a break for some reason, tried to read the rest, and had forgotten what had happened in the first half.

Without further adieu, my 3 Write-ups of the day.

The Watch that Ends The Night: Voices from the Titanic
by Allan Wolf

This novel was a collection of poems all written by Wolf. The "Voices" are all the characters in the novel. The poetry is beautiful, artistic, and varying. Each character has their own style of poetry: some write rhymes, some write free-verse, some just dialogue. There is some Morse code thrown in there too!

(I read a bit of it, but this book just showed up in my mailbox one day, and I don't even know who sent it to me.)

9780763637033 October 11th 2011 by Candlewick Press

The Whisperer
Donato Carrisi

I read a good portion of this book when I picked it up for the first time, and it was extremely intriguing. I liked the protagonist a lot, and I wanted to know more about her and her abilities and her story. But I had to set it down for school, and I wasn't able to get back into it after I stopped for a few weeks.

9780316194723 Published January 5th 2012 by Mulholland Books

The Rook
Daniel O'Malley

This book is so my kind of book. I'm writing about it now, but I'm going to finish it later. In fact I may just start over at the beginning after school is over, and re-read it. It starts off by throwing you into a situation that makes perfect sense, but is still un-understandable. There are clues hidden in the first page that are brought up later, and mysteries, and confusion, and stress, and adventure… I really wanted to be this character.

9780316098793  Published January 11th 2012 by Little Brown & Co

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