Do you network?

These are the social networks I'm on. Follow me on them, leave a link in the comments to yours, and I'll follow you back!
of course, Facebook.

On Scribd, I put some of my documents and knitting patterns. Soon I'll have excerpts of my books up there.

I'm trying to use Twitter more. I've started by tweeting all my posts and reviews and giveaways.

I am on Tumblr, but I'm just starting to use it. There isn't much up there (Mostly Nerdfighter stuff). I haven't quite decided what I'll use it for. But if you're so inclined, you can check it out.

On Pinterest, I pretty much just post pretty stuff and yummy stuff and handknits. Because I'm awesome like that.

And of course, The Yarn Cat (my etsy shop) which reminds me: I am going to start featuring awesome Etsy people once a week here on my blog! If you have a favorite item, shop, or if you have a shop and would like to be featured, leave a comment and let me know!

<---hehe remember this little guy? :D actually it has a bow, so it's probably a girl…

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