Old Friends: Many Waters

Many Waters by Madeline L'Engle

The first sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural book I ever read was A Wrinkle in Time. Years later (like, four years later) I found out that there were WAY more books in the series. I read the next three, but Many Waters was my favorite.

Many Waters is about Meg's two younger brothers. They went into their parents lab to make hot cocoa and accidently transported themselves backwards in time to before the Biblical flood.

Things I remember included traveling through the desert and finding people who spoke an old language and for some reason they could understand it. They were all about 4 feet tall, and didn't wear clothes. The women were sleeping with the angels, and some of them were dying because the children being born were half the woman's size. Then the main female character was sent up to become a star in the sky, because she couldn't go on the boat, and everyone else would be killed.

If you read A Wrinkle in Time, or any of the other books, I sincerely recommend Many Waters. You don't have to read A Wind in the Door and A Swiftly Tilting Planet in order to read this one, because it's about the twins, not Meg or Charles Wallace. (and for that matter, #2 and #3 were a little odd anyway.)

FYI, the cover of this book says A LOT. It's like the whole story, all the symbolism, the biblical references, all on one page. I wish they made covers like this now…

Published May 1st 2007 by Square Fish (first published 1985) | 9780312368579 | Amazon | Goodreads | Series

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