Review: Possession

Possession by Elana Johnson
Genre: Dystopian YA Fiction
ISBN: 9781442417618
Published: June 7th 2011 by Simon & Schuster
Rating: ?????

I haven't figured out how I feel about Possession. I'm not sure if it's a 5 star book or a 1 star book.

Short story: It's really good.

Long story: well, that's a bit more involved.

Reasons this book was really good:

  • Pacing: Excellent. One thing leads to another, it's almost impossible to put down, and the tension never really goes away.
  • Good dialogue, good but concise descriptions, catchy interior monologue.
  • Good characters.
  • Jag is really sexy.

Reasons I wanted to slam my head against a wall while I was reading it:

  • Jag is awesome. Vi is awesome. Their relationship? Extremely dysfunctional. They are freaking bi-polar. One minute they're having a decent conversation, the next someone jumps to a conclusion and gets emotionally hurt and storms off, twenty-four hours and a hot shower later, they're sorry and cuddling and making out. THIS IS NOT A GOOD EXAMPLE OF A RELATIONSHIP. Oh my word.
  • I got lost around Chapter 30. Stuff started happening, I could never tell if Vi was Vi or if she was dreaming, sometimes something would happen and it was a little cryptic, and confusing, and one thing stacked on top of another until by chapter 40 I was like "what the crap is going on?" I seriously closed the book and wasn't going to finish but I just HAD to know what happened. (I really should have quit while I was ahead.)
  • I got to the point where I couldn't tell who was the good guy and who was the bad guy, and I kind of stopped caring.

Reasons why the ending pissed me off:

  • The only bad guy who could have become good, didn't.
  • Then, the bad guys won.

Honestly, now that I've finished it, I really wish I hadn't. Luckily I checked Goodreads and found out it was book 1 in a series. Because THAT'S NOT AN ENDING. That was worse than The Hunger Games and Catching Fire endings!!!

Content/Recommendation: Some language and kissing, ages 16+

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