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Unspent Time: Omnibus by Graham ParkeCover_omni_150
Genre: Short Stories *ebook*
Published: February 27th 2012 by Amazon Digital Services

Rating: 4.5

Warning: reading this novel may make you more attractive to the opposite sex and elevate your random luck by about 9.332%*
(*These statements have not been evaluated by anyone of consequence.)
From the award winning author of ‘No Hope for Gomez!’ comes a collection of 20 impossible tales. Permeating the cracks between the past and the present is the realm of Unspent Time. Pockets of ‘should have been’s and ‘might have happened’s. Time that was allotted but never spent. In this realm we find the stories that could have been true.
Such as the story of Kiala, whose aunt and caretaker disappears one day, leaving her as the sole Huntress to battle the giant octopi to feed her village. Or the revealing tale of Goki Feng Ho: the ancient Chinese art of decoding the meaning of car license plates. And the heartbreaking story of the man responsible for choosing the colors of the insides of your shoes. As he toils away in obscurity, his work impacts society in ways we’ll never fully comprehend. And let’s not forget the story behind Unspent Time itself, the metaphysical ramifications of which will leave the scientific community feeling mostly indifferent about it for decades to come…

I fell in love with Graham Parke's writing when I read No Hope for Gomez (I've posted about Gomez plenty of times. I know I have.) so I jumped at the chance to read this collection of short stories. The summaries sounded just like Parke, and just like my kind of short story: surprising, well thought out, with a point that was both simple enough and poignant enough that it mattered to me, not so obvious that it feels like a sermon, but not so obscure that it takes months to figure out. The writing is witty and sarcastic at times, and serious at others, which makes for an altogether interesting and engaging read.

I wholeheartedly recommend Unspent Time to anyone who… well, likes to read and has a sense of humor. You will like these stories. I promise.

Unspent Time is available on Amazon for $2.99!

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