Things to do when you have a sprained ankle

I sprained my ankle, as I mentioned before.

So here are some things, for those of you who may sprain your ankle in the near future (though I would hope you don't) or those of you who are already on crutches.

  1. drink lots of coffee, because sitting in one place for an extended period of time will put you to sleep.
  2. get ahead on your blog meme posts. (I have my Waiting on Wednesday and Old Friends and Exploring Etsy posts for the next month saved as drafts and ready to go live. This will save me time during finals week)
  3. Study your French verbs in Passe Compose. (there should be acute accents over the "e"s but I don't know how to put them there)
  4. Do Pilates. You don't need your Fibularis Brevis to do pilates: all you need are your Abdominals and Gluteus Max, Med, and Min.
  5. Play Angry Birds.
  6. Read books
  7. Crochet an obnoxious amount of Bunsweaters (I've made like eight over the past two days)
  8. Knit matching leg warmers to go with the bunsweaters.
  9. Work on your upper body strength by hauling yourself around on crutches. (My arms hurt worse than my foot right now)
  10. Make lists on your blog.

Any other ideas? I'm a little desperate. Leave them in the comments.

And as the Kitty hath wrote, Thxbyebye!

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