Why I don't hate e-books, but don't own an e-reader

No, it's not because I'm broke.

Let's think for a second about piracy, censorship, and the internet in other countries besides our own.

Many countries today have strict laws about what can and can't be read. Many of those countries are the same ones with very strong controlling governments—China, Iran, Iraq, etc. Now let's pretend that somehow we managed to get an e-book of a political or religious book over to one of those countries. It's distributed by email and file sharing—which, yes, is piracy—and the education resulting from that e-book caused the people to start a revolution, and possibly change the lives of those people and their future generations forever.

Now am I saying piracy is okay? HELL no. But just because something is wrong doesn't mean good things don't come from it.

This has happened in the past. It's repeated through history: A country is over-controlled until they get education somehow some way, and they stand up and do something.

And how does this play into sharing the Gospel? Sharing an e-book of John is a lot easier—and less expensive—than sending a bunch of printed copies oversees, knowing that anyone caught with a copy in their home will be killed.

On a more local scale…

Sometimes I want to support an author, or buy a book, but I can't afford to pay $18.95 for a new book that I will only read once. Or sometimes an author offers me a review copy of their book that sounds really interesting, but they don't have a physical copy to mail me. Sometimes the school bookstore runs out of the novel I need for literature class, and I need to have it read by tomorrow. E-books to the rescue!

Now here are some valid reasons to buy e-books, but don't affect the reason I don't have an e-reader:

  • You can take them anywhere and they don't take up space
  • you can't lose them
  • They won't burn in a fire if your house burns down

And here are some valid reasons NOT to buy e-books or have an e-reader that don't affect my decision not to have one:

  • If you lose it, you lose ALL YOUR BOOKS
  • If it runs out of power, you're screwed
  • If your house burns down, your e-reader is still dead. your files are still online, but your expensive e-reader is probably ruined.

And here are the reasons I don't have an e-reader (but buy e-books for my laptop if I absolutely have to):

  • I'm broke
  • Books smell good
  • I like walking (okay crawling) into my secret library in the storage closet and seeing books stacked from floor to ceiling
  • for non-fiction, I HAVE to underline/write in the margins. In fact in class or when doing homework or studying, I can only concentrate when I am holding a pencil or pen in my hand.

So there you go. There's my random rambling for the day.

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