Exploring Etsy: Dresses

I love dresses. And skirts. But especially dresses.

Here are some fantastic ones (that, of course, I can't really afford).


Vintage 50's cream and paisley dress by Reta's Roses

White Shores by Fantasie

White dress with black swan applique by Zoe's Lollipop

Bohemian Crochet dress by Nalini

Women Maxi Dress by xiaolizi

I don't usually like yellow… but!

This is pretty.

Vintage strapless dress by Vintage Vortex

Vintage 1970s Dress by zwzzy

1960's green satin and cream lace dress by Ruby Chic Originals

Last but not least:

If I had this, I would buy it, and wear it at my wedding… oh it's so pretty.

Vintage Edwardian wedding dress by ReInVintage

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