uh…I don't have anything to give away this week. Partially because I'm away from home on vacation (my only vacation of the year!) but mostly because I have plenty of ARCs yet, I just haven't read them.

So: Tell me which book you would LOVE to win, and you'll get 5 extra points in NEXT WEEKS contest.

I would absolutely love to get my hands on Timepiece or Magic Under Stone.


  1. I want Timepiece also. I loved that book! Or the second book of Shannon Hales Acadamy series.Or Princess of the silver woods by Jessica Day George. I could go on and on, those are my top three:}

  2. I would love the last book of the Maximum Ride series which, as far as I'm aware, isn't out yet. I think the author made some major mistakes in the series, but hopefully the last book makes up for all it. :D



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