Review: The Sewing Workshop

The Sewing Workshop: Learn to Sew with 30+ Easy, Pattern-free Projects by Linda Lee
Genre: Art/Craft
ISBN: 9781936096404
Published: April 3rd 2012 by Sixth&Spring
Rating: 4

The Sewing Workshop is a great book for beginners who have had a tiny bit of sewing machine experience. The projects are simple and leading up to slightly more complicated, the illustrations are very clear, and the photographs are inspiring.

This book is mostly accessories; which is good, because for a beginner, I wouldn't recommend trying a quilt or a jacket or something. There are lots of purses and scarves and little things like that. They're all very stylish and cute, and have enough inspirational potential that as you advance you can carry on some of the ideas to bigger and better projects. Also, if those thin scary sewing patterns intimidate you, fear not: there aren't any. It's all photograph, measuring, and marking based.

There is one thing  I don't like about this book: It fluctuates between active voice and passive voice. I know it's random, I know most people don't notice and really don't care, but as a pro-writing major I feel it is my job to point it out. Active voice instructions are a million times better than passive voice instructions. They're more clear, more concise, and more understandable. The instructions themselves are mostly active, but a lot of the body text is passive. It drove me nuts.

So, grammar Nazis, beware of this one.

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