Exploring Etsy: Totes, Bags, and Purses

So every girl has a craving for purses and bags, right? I mean, you can put stuff in them. They're like pockets, but better (because they don't give you Wallet-butt).

Here are a few of my faves.

Flowers Summer bag, by Zolayka

I love the sorbet and pastel colors! it just looks so summery!

Taco Kitty bag by Ms Spanner

Tacos plus Kitties? yes please. meow!

Vintage Tote with doily by AliceJDesign

Leather Laptop bag by Sabrina Tach

Laptops need to be carried in style. This bag looks comfy and sturdy! check out Sabrina Tach's shop for more really awesome handmade leather bags!

Felted Handbag by GalaFlic

This is the kind of bag you carry if you like to have people look at you like this:


Personally, the only thing keeping me from this bag is $74. because that's how much it costs, and that's how much I don't have.

(^also kind of swooned when I saw that one. ahhhh pretty. how do you say "I'm a fairy in disguise but you can tell because I carry my home around with me like a purse?")

Whale beach bag by Nani Originals

SWO CUTE. Check out her other bags too! They're all really cool. Like, I'm loving the peacock bag set.

Bird on a Wire reversible cotton bag by Sister Onions

Love the prints!

Zipper Tote bag by Ringopie

This? This is just downright stylish. And kind of sexy. Think of how many books you could fit in there! Look at Ringopie's shop for more classy bags!

Dragonfly String Purse by CJs Heartstrings


And of course I couldn't resist putting in another kitty bag. Sorry. but this baby is cute.

Kitty Cat bag by Frute Juce

They've got a bunny bag too!

Visit the etsy shops to see more awesome handmade stuff. If you have an etsy shop and would like to be featured, or if you have a favorite shop, leave me a link in the comments and I'll try to use it one week!


  1. Hi, Thank you so much for featuring my kitty bag with all these other lovely bags.


  2. What a great selection of bags. I am honored to be included. Thank you.



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