Teaser Tuesday (on Wednesday)

Today's TT(OW) comes from Shadow Sight by E.J. Stevens

This TT comes from Chapter 1. Ivy, the main character, is filling the reader in on why she'd rather live with her friend named "Jinx" than with her parents, after explaining that every time she touches anything, she can feel and see the terrible experiences of the people who have handled it in the past.

Living with Jinx meant being able to unburden myself of the guilt I always carried back home.  Why the parental guilt?  Good question.  After four years of intense therapy, I had a perfect macaroni Jesus (I liked to use our art therapy sessions to make religious icons out of pasta.  It totally freaked out my therapist), but only an inkling of why I felt so bad about my relationship with my folks.  I guess I figured it must be tough to have a daughter who started screaming and drooling when you handed her a birthday present, Christmas gift…or the mail.

Shadow Sight by E.J. Stevens

Some things are best left unseen...
Ivy Granger's second sight is finally giving her life purpose. Ivy and her best friend Jinx may not be raking in the dough, but their psychic detective agency pays the bills--most of the time. Their only worry is the boredom of a slow day and the occasional crazy client--until a demon walks through their door.
Demons are never a good sign...
A demon attorney representing the water fae? Stranger things have happened. And things are about to get very, very strange as a bloodthirsty nightmare hunts the city of Harborsmouth.
There's blood in the water...
Kelpies have a reputation for eating humans. Unfortunately, Kelpies are the clients. When an Unseelie faerie this evil stalks the waterways of your city, you have to make hard choices.
The lesser of two evils...

ISBN 9780984247585 | Published July 24th 2012 by Sacred Oaks Press | Amazon | Goodreads | Website | Author

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