Exploring Etsy: Have a Tea Party

For my 21 birthday party (coming this November!) I'm going to have a tea party. Because I love tea, and I love pretty flowers and stuff… yeah.

Maybe for my future wedding too… :)

Tea cup and set by Fabricated Family

Tea stand by Fresh Pastry Stand

Bohemian Necklace by Flower Land Shop

Lace Coasters by Mintook

Tea Pot Necklace by Shimrita

Clayful Impressions will customize any color teapot!

Alice eats gold cake by High Tea for Alice

So yeah. I love tea parties.

We should have one.


If you have an etsy shop or know of a favorite etsy shop, leave a link in the comments and I'll check it out, and try to feature it on an upcoming post!


  1. What a nice blog spot! And tea parties are a LOT of fun; I threw a high tea party several years ago, and everyone enjoyed it immensely :D Thanks so much for including my Paragon trio in your lovely collection!

  2. Got distracted by the cupcakes :)

    Considering how few there were on display I'm assuming I wasn't the only one :)

  3. Happy birthday in advance--looks like you are on your way to planning a most spectacular celebration. One of our stands would be flattered to be present! Let me know if you need a special one to match your theme colors, complete with a birthday discount. : ) Lisa Marie



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