Exploring Etsy: Recycled Yarn!

Who wants to buy yarn for $20 a skein when you could get perfectly good yarn from old sweaters? Give that wool and alpaca a second life. Save some cash. Support some Etsy businesses.

Indian Corn cotton blend by Knit Anew

Hand dyed, Hand-plied recycled yarn by Yarn N Sticks

Mocha Silk recycled lace-weight yarn by Twice Sheared Sheep

Funky Chunk by Remnants

Handspun recycled yarn by Craft yarn

Craft yarn also has Yarn Recycling kits, where the sweater is already in pieces and you do the unraveling yourself.

Cotton and Lambs wool blend, recycled yarn by Entangled Knots

Blue Birds Soar by Larkspur Funny Farm

Wool Nylon blend and Cashmere by Sassy Nan's Boutique

Merino Angora by Penelope's Fine Yarns

Nepal Silk and Pumpkin Orange lambswool by Echo Yarn

tshirt yarn by Tied Up In Knots

Pure Cashmere by Fun Yarns

Recycled cotton by Sticks N Twigs

Wool and Nylon self-striping yarn by Milo Knows

Grey t-shirt yarn by Idle Hands Yarn Supply

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1 comment :

  1. WOW! There is some GORGEOUS stuff featured here! I'm gonna take a peek at everything! thank you for such a great selection :)

    I bought from Luci of Idle Hands Yarn (T-Shirt Yarn=TARN lol!)in the last picture to make a funky rug for my hallway! The yarn is meticulous and has a beautiful feel! CAN'T WAIT to get started!

    Luci suggested I stop by and I'm SO glad I did!
    I LOVE to crochet and I LOVE yarn!!!!

    Thank You!



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