Exploring Etsy: SWEATERS

Does anyone out there love sweaters as much as I do? I adore sweaters. Sweaters are like the ultimate fashion statement and versatile accessory.


Nine Lives by Nic and the New Fie

Vintage Navajo Sweater by Lucky

Grey wool Icelandic sweater by M&P Railroad Co

100% Cashmere sweater from Scotland by Hurrycane 69

Scottish hand-knit cabled wool sweater vest by Morning Glory Teahouse

Oatmeal snowflake sweater (on sale!) by Lady Grey Vintage

Vintage First Frost vintage sweater by Scottie in a Canoe

Ombre sweater by Haus of Mirth

Totem Pole sweater by Lola and Black

Lace collared cardigan by sparvintheieletree

Grey crazy kitty sweater by Pretty Snake

Last but not least, I think we'll call this the "you'll never get cold wearing this" sweater.

Chunky sweater by Mohair Dream

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