Old Friends: Amazing Grace

This was a beauty that I stumbled across while browsing my local library back in High School… to this day, I still remember how much I loved this book. I don't remember a lot of the plot, but I do know that it was a character driven novel about a girl who was ready to move forward with her life and become who she wanted to be instead of who the world perceived her to be.

And because of the beginning of the novel, I had a lot of respect for her and her mom.

I'd recommend either buying it on amazon or local book store, checking it out at the library, or snagging it on paperbackswap.com.

Grace Kincaid, the Anna Kournikova of the tennis world (beautiful, teenaged, and the BEST in the world), calls her mother on the eve of the U.S. Open and says three little words: "I want out." Whereupon her mother flies to her daughter's side, cancels all further engagements, endorsements, press conferences, tournaments, and gives Grace an entirely new identity. Which includes a make-under, a former FBI agent as a mentor and bodyguard, and a new life in Medicine Hat, Alaska, population 318. How one teenager goes from superstar to almost-normal is the subject taken on by Megan Shull, a sparkling new voice in teen fiction.

ISBN 9780786856909 | Published September 27th 2005 by Hyperion | Amazon | Goodreads

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