Teaser Tuesday

Todays TT comes from [sic] by Scott Kelly.

My personal savior is named David Bloom, and he's currently falling about ten stories from the top of a water tower. ~ Page 1


ISBN 9780988273207 | Published August 17, 2012| Amazon | Goodreads

One rule: If another player taps you on the shoulder, you have to completely change your life within the next fifteen minutes. In front of everyone. Your car, your virginity, your grades, your identity - nothing is safe. When five high school students from the wrong part of town devote their lives to playing the game David invented, what could go wrong?

David's murder, for one. He has perfect poise as he plummets from the top of a water tower, a shining example of keeping cool under any condition. He’s got a history of looking like a badass and teaching Jacob lessons, but landing dead at his pupil’s feet isn’t supposed to be the final one. One of the game's players pushed David off that tower, and he's framing Jacob for the crime.

Jacob's group of five trailer-park companions – well, four – have let David's existential version of truth or dare shape their lives. Playing the game has made them all a little crazy. Being willing to give it all away at any moment has changed them. Made them a little detached. A little enlightened.

Jacob knows one of his childhood friends must be the killer. Now can he talk his way out of prison and uncover the truth before he takes the fall?

I'll be reviewing [sic] for a book tour later in November! Keep your eyes peeled!

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