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Today I have Scott Kelly, author of [sic] visiting The Life and Lies! My review will be out soon.

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One rule: If another player taps you on the shoulder, you have to completely change your life within the next fifteen minutes. In front of everyone. Your car, your virginity, your grades, your identity – nothing is safe. When five high school students from the wrong part of town devote their lives to playing the game David invented, they walk a line between insanity and enlightenment.


My personal savior is named David Bloom, and presently he’s falling about ten stories from the top of a water tower. And my stupid stunned mind; all I can think is that he looks great doing it. Arms spread, fingertips extended, face serene—homicide by stage dive. His body returns to the earth below, the ten-story drop reducing him to a streak of white and blue cloth, brown hair blown back from closed eyes. Maybe he’s smiling. Maybe I just like to think so. 


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When Scott was eleven, he was so upset by the ending of the classic story Robin Hood that he wrote his own and stuck it into the book. When he was fourteen he finished his first novel. By the time he was nineteen, he’d written four–the latest, JIMWAMBA, was published by an independent press in the United Kingdom. Dissatisfied with the experience, he took to stealing paper from his University and selling staple-bound copies of his manuscript at local festivals and gatherings, earning him a cult following that only grew as his eBook FRIGHTENED BOY reached its thirty-thousandth reader. He is a presence in the burgeoning social writing scene as a contest judge for the website BookRix, winner of WeBook’s “Page to Fame” contest, and chart-topper/featured author on the website WattPad. Over fifty-thousand people have read one of Scott’s novels online.

Scott Kelly will be giving away a $50 amazon gift-card to one random commenter on the tour! Check out the other tour stops for more chances to win!


  1. Okay, that blurb is definitely a grabber!


  2. I really admire your determination. Dont let anything stand in your way.

  3. Hey, everyone!

    @Catherine Lee: My rewrite of Robin Hood was definitely worse, I just couldn't stand that he died in the end.

    @Karen H: I knew change was something that was very frightening to people, because it was frightening to me. As soon as I tapped into my own innate fear of giving it all away, or of undergoing some extreme change in my life, I knew I had something I could leverage into a story to make people ask the same questions I was asking myself. Everything else came from that initial concept; originally the story was about adults, but it was too hard to believe adults would play Eureka. That's how it ended up becoming a YA novel. For me, it's the same reason we find Truth or Dare so exciting as kids, or what have you - the idea that you might be forced to change your life. I still wonder why I'm so afraid of change, since it's obvious I'm powerless to actually stop the change in my life in the first place.

  4. The book sounds interesting.


  5. This was such an interesting book. I really enjoyed read. Thanks Scott kybunnies -at- gmail -dot- com



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