Exploring Etsy: Back to School!

January! Time for a new semester! or if you've got kids in k-8, time for mid-terms! (ew.) I don't know about you, but I've found that I tear through school supplies like there's no tomorrow. Why not support a small business when you replenish?

Wool backpack by Baby Bags


Deathly Hallows backpack by Catbird Creatures


Weekly Planner by Storybook Journals

(She's also got If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, Where the Wild Things Are, Lemony Snicket, and tons more!)


Chalkboard Wall Calendar by Simple Shapes


Twig Pencils by The Papery Nook


Laptop case (15" macbook pro) by Jiu Jiu


Tablet case and Laptop bag by A Phillip Art

*I don't get anything in exchange for posting these artists, I just like their work. If you have an etsy shop, or an idea for a theme, leave a comment!*

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