Guest Post and Tour: You're Busting My Nuptials

Today we're kicking off Ann Everett's book tour for her new novel, You're Busting My Nuptials, a comic novel about a wedding gone wrong.

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Today she's writing about her characters and how each one has a little bit of herself inside them.

People ask me all the time which character in my books is me? Well, they’re all me! Does that make me a narcissist? I hope not. What I should say is I give each of my characters one of my traits.

Not only did Tizzy Donovan think her cup was always half empty, she was pretty sure someone had spit in it.

That’s the first line of LAID OUT AND CANDLE LIT and definitely describes me. I tend to think my cup is always half empty. I’m not a pessimist, but sometimes I feel bad luck is looming just around the corner, which is crazy, because I’ve had a ton of good luck. The same man has loved me for over 45 years. I’ve been healthy forever…still have all my original parts, AND I got published!!

“I don’t like skunks. I’m afraid of skunks. I’m more afraid of skunks than I am of vampires.” ~Rayann/LAID OUT AND CANDLE LIT

Oh my Lord! I can’t go in, Tizzy. They’ve got clowns in there. I’m afraid of clowns.”

Poor Rayann. She got the burden of all my fears. In real life, most of the time, I’m fearless. However, I live in the country and when I step outside , if I smell a skunk, I’m a nervous wreck. I’m afraid one of those awful creatures will bite me. Then as a child, I had nightmares about clowns, so I’m afraid of them too. Who would have thought someday my fears would help me write a character like Rayann Tatum?

“I’d rather be stung to death by a bunch of piss ants.” ~Synola/YOU’RE BUSTING MY NUPTIALS

Synola Harper was a fun character to write. She’s a sassy-pants, just like me, only worse. There’s not a lot that will get her flustered and if you’re ever in a gun-fight, you’d definitely want her on your side!

“I swear, when that woman dies, she’ll be deader than everybody else.” ~Pattiecake/LAID OUT AND CANDLE LIT

Ahh, Pattiecake McAlister. She’s the character in the books actually based on me. Her sister, Sugarpie, also based on my real life sister, are co-owners of Sweet Thangs Bakery. They were the easiest to write, because they are actual people and I know them so well.

I base many of my characters on family members. Tizzy’s dad, Saint McAlister is based on my daddy, Saint McLean. Tizzy’s brother, Sheriff Dan McAlister is based on my real brother Dan, who was never a sheriff, but was in law enforcement for many years.

Everyone else in the books came right out of my imagination even though I pull some characteristics from people I’ve known. Cover_You're Busting My Nuptials

All of my leading men, at least their sensitive sides are based on my husband. He’s thoughtful and kind and puts others before himself. Dang, if that’s true, then why do I want to knock him upside the head most days?! Hmmm, I think I just came up with another trait I can give a character!

About the Book

After almost five years, widow and single mother, Tizzy Donovan finally met the man of her dreams in Texas Ranger Ridge Cooper. But when he fails to show up for their wedding, she’s determined to find out why.

Enlisting the help of first cousin Jinx Monroe, and best friends, Rayann Tatum and Synola Harper, it’s not long until they’re dealing with clowns, yard gnomes, a missing stripper, and a Baptist deacon.

After a car chase and gun fight, head-strong Tizzy is more committed than ever to claim her happily-ever-after. All she needs is a séance with an old witch and a little help from Positive Jesus.


About the Author

Ann Everett is a Texas girl from her big-bar-hair AuthorPicdown to her bare toes. For many years she did stand-up comedy for businesses, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Creator of the White Trash Facelift, halter tops, and beer bling bracelets, Ann embraces her small town upbringing and thinks Texans are the funniest people on earth.

She’s an award winning author and active member of Northeast Texas Writers’ Organization where she serves as director of their twenty-seventh annual writers’ conference.

When Ann’s not writing, she spends her days listening in on people’s conversations at the local Wal-Mart, beauty shop, Dollar Store, and numerous other gathering spots. She draws from that research to pen her romantic comedies, full of southern sass and Texas twang.


Ann will be giving away a $25 gift card to one randomly drawn commenter on the tour. Check out the other tour stops for more chances to win!


  1. I laughed out loud when I read that Tizzy was pretty sure someone had spit in her half empty cup. I can't wait to read the book.



    1. Ingeborg,
      Nothing makes me happier than to know someone laughed out loud at something I wrote! Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you'll head over to www.anneverett.com and enter a title for my third book!

  2. I've known Ann Everett (Pattie, to me) for some years. So happy to see all that talent being recognized. Go, Girl!

    1. Thanks, Gay for stopping by. Sorry I have to reply as anonymous, it's the only way it would let me!

  3. This sounds great. I'd love to read it. I need a good laugh or more.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  4. Thanks for sharing more about the characters.


  5. When I was a kid, I never thought clowns were funny, but weird and strange.

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  6. After this post I must read your books. Loving the lines you sent our way. YOU'RE BUSTING MY NUPTIALS looks just fabulous.




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