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Life, death. Two concepts, two words.

You don’t think about them unless you’re forced to. You take the first for granted and try to forget the

You get on with your life, worry about meaningless things and you simply stop thinking about death,
even though you see it every day on the telly, in the papers you read.

So long as it’s happening to others, you continue to go on with this comforting lie that says it’s never going
to happen to you. The Reaper won’t come anywhere near you — until the day he does.

It could be a car crash, it could be a stroke. Or it could be your best friend jumping from the rooftop of
the university you both attend. And suddenly you remember that death is very real and there’s no way of
knowing who is going to be called next. You’re forced to face the frailty of life and accept your own

My best friend recently passed away and I almost died twice myself in the past couple of weeks. My
name is Alexandra Neve. I’m a student who used to live in a reassuring bubble. It burst, and now I finally see
the world for what it truly is.

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