Exploring Etsy: Dance edition!

You know I’m a dancer, right? And you know I have a ballet shop on etsy, right? No? well, here you go.

Here are awesome ballet things that I love.

Contrast, Nicole by Isamaa Wear


Ballerina pendant by Not So Dotty *guys, this is totally on my wishlist.* 


Leotard by Bina Samet

Merope by Keith Link


Burgundy and Lace leo by Lone Reed Designs


Contrast leo by Isamma Wear


Ballerina Drawstring Pouch by URSA


various tutus (pictures linked) by Sisters of the Moon


Or if you want the real deal:

White swan tutu by The Dancer’s Choice


Attitude pendant by Follow the Rainbow


Photograph “Balance…” by Silas Stubbs Photography

*I swear if I had a studio to decorate, this would be in there…*


Grey skirt by AM Designs


Wine ballet skirt by Grand Jete


Ballet skirts (pics linked) by Janet’s Store


Giselle mini-tutu from Miss Haley’s Ballet Boutique

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  1. Hello everyone, many thanks for posting my ballet skirts here. JanetsStore is in its third year and I began making the skirts because I am the mother of a lifelong dancer who is now finishing her first year of college and is continuing her training to be a professional dancer. I have a sincere appreciation for the hard work put in by dancers and the challenges they face on their journey. I am also conscious of the costs involved and try to keep my costs very reasonable while offering a wider selection of fabrics and colors. Best wishes to all of you who create the beauty that enriches the rest of us! Sincerely, Janet



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