Review: What In God's Name

What in God's Name by Simon Rich
Genre: Fiction/Humor
ISBN: 9780316133739
Published August 7th 2012 by Reagan Arthur Books
Rating: 4
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What in God's Name is a hilarious novel about the would-be-destruction of the earth. God is tired of running Heaven Inc, and wants to open a restaurant, figure out his Rubrics Cube, and play golf instead. The rest of the angels are just as tired as he is. All except two: Craig and Eliza, who actually enjoy working in the Miracles Department. When they find out God is going to destroy the earth, they make a bet: They'll answer one of the "impossible" prayers that God has ignored over the past few months, and if they can do it, God will not destroy the world.

Eliza and Craig have no idea what they've gotten themselves into: Their job is to get two of the most socially awkward humans to kiss... since apparently they already like each other, neither of them is willing to make a move. On top of it all, Craig is pretty sure he's crushing on Eliza

I tore through this whole book in a matter of hours--though it felt like minutes. It's hilarious. I got it back in August and I don't remember why I put off reading it for so long... because it's awesome! The characters are adorable (or in the case of the cantankerous archangel Vince, annoying). The writing is witty and easy to read. I loved every second of it.

With that in mind, I'm a hard person to offend. People who are easily offended by their faith/religion being mocked should not read this book... God is portrayed like a Frat boy, and he lets people into heaven only if they can skip a rock twelve times. Suffice to say it's not exactly orthodox.

But if you're in the mood for a fast, funny, slightly intense read (it gets tense there near the end!)  this is for you!

Content: Some language. Ages 17+

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