An awesome project, an exciting challenge, and a fabulous prize

Are you ready for this?

Write a community story.

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Here’s how it will work: I’m going to start by writing 100 words at the end of this post. You then have to write 100 more words and to add to it. Kind of like how we used to go around the campfire and write a story together about stupid stuff? Only this one will be more fun because all of you guys are more clever than I was at age 8.


  • This game is open all over the world! You must write your comment in English though.
  • Each comment can only be 100 words. I will check. If it’s 101 I will delete it. So only write 100 words. It’s harder than you think!
  • Each new piece of the story should move the story forward, or be a flashback/memory. No random shifting perspectives or jumping around into new stories!
  • Once you comment, you have to wait until there are 5 new comments after yours before you can write a new piece of the story.

This game runs May 10 (today!) until August 10.

Then, I will pick 1 random comment and that person will receive the following:

  • 3 books from this goodreads shelf (these are all my ARCs! Pick wisely! Also note that a lot of these are audio ARCs… also, note that if I get into my books and realize I no longer have one of the ones you picked, I’m sorry, you’ll have to pick one of the other 114 ARCs.)
  • a beautiful hand-crafted bookbag (pick from my Etsy shop)
  • a hand-bound journal made by yours truly (custom made: you tell me a few of your favorite things, and I make you a journal)

Again, this is open all over the world!

Have fun! Ready? here we go:

In the middle of the night, Cameron woke with a start to a sound that sounded like a cross between a blue whale, fingernails on a chalkboard, and the scream of a dying cat. Tiptoeing around the grimy apartment, Cameron tried not to let the floorboards creak, and pulled out a flashlight. The room was empty, but Cameron was sure the sound came from inside the room.

And… GO!

1 comment :

  1. His stomach knotted the way it always had when he was a kid and some strange sound woke him in the middle of the night. The memory of an imagined monster hiding in the closet came back to him. Get control of yourself. You’re not eight years old anymore for Christ’s sake. Still, it was those boyhood gut feelings that told him when things weren’t right and considering the events of the last few days, something definitely wasn’t right. He crossed to the window and his heart kicked up a notch when he recognized the car parked across the street.

    submitted by: Ann Everett ann.everett@rocketmail.com



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