Summer Art Series: Buttoned-UP from Sew Red

It was really hard to pick a project while flipping through this book! I picked this one because I just moved into an apartment and I needed some placemats and napkins and a tablecloth for my kitchen table! (it was a boring dark brown and needed to be lit up a bit). So I made these really cute placemat and napkin set! Now because of my limited supplies, I only made a set of 4, and I did make a few changes (mostly to the measurements, because I didn’t have enough fabric). Also my local Wal-Mart doesn’t sell interfacing (wtf, Wal-Mart?) so they look a little thin.

But they turned out really cute! I love them so much.


All my fabrics: a dusty rose, a light pink, and strawberry print!



Everything cut to size



The back of the napkin is the strawberry print, and it wraps around to the front, and is double-top seamed.
They’re really cute! (also, this picture helped me find my Adapted PE textbook…)


A (blurry) finished project!



I used ribbon instead of fabric, and put the button in the middle instead of on the edge, and there’s space for silverware.



Review – Sew Red

I loved every single pattern in this book. I wish I could share every one with you but that would defeat the purpose of getting your own copy! Some of the projects in here are more complicated (Okay, much more complicated) than others, but every single one is beautiful, unique, and inspiring. There were a good mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced, but you have to be able to use a sewing machine… I mean, you could hand stitch the Queen of Hearts quilted wall hanging… but it would probably drive you nuts (or make you go blind) before you finished.


Above: Queen of Hearts wall quilt.
Below: Tunic, and Backpack (please note the color is all wrong in these pictures, because I had to use my phone… my camera died –_- )


I’ll admit, I had to make sure I didn’t stare too long—which was really hard because the patterns were so pretty!—because after a while, all the red made my eyes hurt.

Suffice to say I will hang onto this book and will definitely use it for years as a wonderful resource and inspiration. I recommend it to anyone who has done moderate to experienced machine sewing.

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