Summer Art Series: Paint Chip Bookmarks

Paint chips are inspiring, fun to look at, and free (that’s my favorite part right there). And if you’re new to Zentangle, it’s the perfect template, because there are several small shapes already created, you don’t have to do a boarder, you don’t need a “string,” and even if you mess it up and end up just scribbling on it, it’ll still look pretty.

I saw this picture on Pinterest:

and I thought DUDE THAT’S PRETTY. Except these were done with stamps. But I don’t have any stamps because I’m a broke college student. I realized I could do it with Zentangles, and it would be even cooler.

So I went to Walmart and got a bunch of paint chips.


My supplies


Started a pretty swirl


But I touched it before it dried –_- Maybe micron pens are a bad idea on Paint chips


a mini-one, done with a different pen.

I went back to the micron later, and let it dry before I touched it. worked much better!


Check out my Zentangle board on Pinterest for TONS of awesome tangles! and if you decide to make some, post pics on your blog and leave a link in the comments!

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  1. This is soooooo awesome!! I want to zentangle and what a fun and cool little way to get started! I'm gonna get me some paint chips.



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