Danger is Everywhere

Danger is Everywhere by Docter Noel Zone (David O'Doherty)
Genre: Humor
Rating: DNF, 3.5 for what I did read

Danger is Everywhere was one of those books that would have been much better if I’d read it (physical or Kindle) instead of listened to it. All things considered the narrator did a good job, but there’s only so many acronyms one can keep straight without actually looking at the book. Not only that, the book had a definite voice to it, but the narration was just a little too much. It would have been much better if it had been an annoying voice in my head instead an annoying voice in my ear—and it was definitely supposed to be annoying (in a silly kind of way).

The premise of the book is clever and the examples and chapters are very funny. Part of the humor is how serious the book takes itself. But as I said earlier,the narration kind of killed it, and I couldn’t stick with it without getting a headache. Maybe one day I’ll become a Dangeroligist but I’ll have to get a paperback.

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