It does not get easier

I’m going to post just a little tid-bit here.

I started this blog when I was in High School. I was a terrible high-schooler, I did very little work and spent most of my time reading, growing this blog, and dancing (and pretending to do homework). I thought I’d have so much more time to do blog stuff when I went to college (I had significantly less) and that I’d have even more time when I graduated (2014 had something like seven blog posts, and that’s being generous). However one thing I’ve learned is that you have to make time for something you want.

Hence the reason I’ve cut down on memes and weekly posts like Exploring Etsy and monthly review stuff. I’m less concerned about pageviews, followers, and contests. And maybe I don’t get as many visitors, but you know what?… it’s a lot more fun to listen to an audiobook and write a review on it when I get the opportunity than force myself to read fifteen books a month and have five to ten blog posts a week.

That being said, here is my advice to bloggers or people considering starting a blog:

1. You can make it whatever you want it to be, but don’t bite off more than you can chew

2. If you aren’t enjoying it, don’t do it

3. If it’s not working for you, there’s always room to make changes.

Thanks guys! hope to see more of you this year since I’ve gotten more into the habit of listening to audiobooks than anything. so many more reviews coming soon!

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