Review: Bombproof

Bombproof by Michael Rotbotham
Genre: Crime
Rating: 3.5

Bombproof was a fast-paced thriller with a reluctant hero who seriously just wanted all this *&$#%@ to be over with. The plot is detailed and well executed. There were only two spots through the story where I had trouble, and it was because it slowed down too much that I lost track of what was going on.

The end seemed a little abrupt, and I’m still not sure if I like it (though honestly it ended the only way it could have ended… and maybe that’s why I didn’t find it awesome or amazing). All in all it was an enjoyable fast-paced read with great characters and a very good plot. It wasn’t the most thrilling thriller I’ve ever read, but I would definitely read another book by Rotbotham again.

The narrator had a very deep gravely voice that I liked a lot, but it was hard to focus on at times. He did read at a good pace.

Content/Recommendation: Drugs, sex, alcohol, violence, and language. 17+

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