Review: Touch

Touch by Claire North
Genre: Supernatural of some sort
Rating: 5

Touch was crazy. It threw you in at the first sentence. It hung on tight the whole story through. I was amazed at the beauty and ugliness of the thing that was the main character—whatever her…his…it’s name was. I was amazed at all of it. Up until the end when  I thought I would cry.

I didn’t want it to end, and when I finally figured out how it would, end I was furious. But I also knew there was literally no other way it could work; and yet it was still so hard to accept.

The mystery, the suspense, the back-story that fed into the current events, it was all enchanting and amazing and well written, and I will 100% read it again, and 100% recommend it to anybody. Claire North, you’re on my Author Watch.

As well as being well written, it was also well performed. I loved the voice chosen for the reader, it was read at a good speed, and it was read well.

Content/Recommendation: Some language. ages 15+

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