Un-Review: Canary

Canary could have been really awesome… if. Why does there always have to be an “if?”

This was a case of “High Concept, Poor Execution.” Here’s the thing about this book: I didn’t like the main character. For an honors student, she was an idiot.

You meet this drug dealer. You kinda maybe not even sure if you like him but you might like him. You accidently become his accomplice in a deal and don’t realize it until after it’s over. Then you help him get away from a cop. And you defend him and refuse to give the cop info in exchange for you being completely removed from the evidence. Why?

You aren’t sure.

Thing is, that’s a really bad reason to not snitch on a drug dealer. If her dad was being held captive, or he had something important of hers, or if they’d been together for six years, those are all good reasons. But “I just met you and I’m not sure if I like you but I’m still not going to rat you out?” not a good reason.

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