Music Spotlight: Asher

Asher: The Instrumental EP by Anchor

Asher was stunning. Each track is named after a piece of nature, and embodies said name perfectly. While listening to Sun I felt the sun on my face. It is moving and stunning and beautiful. I’m looking forward to choreographing some of these pieces.

Beautiful background or focal music, relaxing and elegant, worshipful and enjoyable.

I downloaded the album from Noisetrade (seriously if you aren’t visiting Noisetrade daily you need to get on that). They’re on my favorites list now.

About Anchor

(From their website) Anchor Worship is a team of musicians who together, lead worship throughout Central California. At the heart of the team's foundation is scripture Hebrews 6:19 which says; we have this hope as an anchor for our souls. Hope, along with faith and love are the three things that last eternally according to the Scriptures (1 Corin. 13:13). Each one of them must play a role in every aspect of our lives. Hope gives way to a positive and impactful way of life. It changes your outlook on everything. It ignites a passionate response in worship, knowing that He is coming back again. Anchor Worship is grounded in this; that the body of Christ, would light up a passion in every part of worship; so His light and love would be visible.

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