Quick Crocheted Accessories

Quick Crocheted Accessories in 3 skeins or less by Sharon Zientara (Amazon, Goodreads)
Genre: Craft, crochet
ISBN: 9781620337981
Published July 1st 2015 by Interweave
Rating: 3

When I look for a pattern book, I look for something that has a lot of patterns that I’ve never seen before, or wouldn’t not think up on my own (since I’m a bit of a free-former and pattern-maker myself). The books I’m really impressed with are the ones that are full of original pieces that strike me, but look do-able and manageable. Now I realize that’s a pretty high bar to set. But as a reviewer and a crocheter, I wouldn’t spend money on a book that was anything less than that.

Quick Crocheted Accessories has two patterns that I really like and was impressed with, that I haven’t seen before. There were three others that I’d seen similar things, but I really liked Zientara’s design. All the others were relatively simple, unexciting, or things I’ve seen before.

The photos were very nice, and the book has both diagrams and instructions. But I would have liked to see more original accessories.

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