Crochet Home

Crochet Home: 20 Vintage Modern crochet Projects for the Home by Emma Lamb
Genre: Crochet
ISBN: 978-1446304853
Published: David & Charles (August 17, 2015)
Rating: 3

Crochet Home is a fairly boring book. And I really hate to say that, but there’s no way to sugar coat it. The patterns are mostly based around Granny Squares, circles, and flowers. I like granny squares a lot. I like basic shapes a lot But a whole book of them is a little much; especially if there isn’t a lot of difference between the different patterns. Now if that’s all you do and that’s what you like, then this book is for you. And the photos are beautiful. But as I was turning through the book one page at a time, I kept thinking, “didn’t I already see this? oh but it was a blanket instead of a pillow or a garland instead of a doily.” It just wasn’t very original and I really don’t think it warranted its own book. Some of these put into a book of other original ideas would have been a better plan. Or maybe a short booklet of photos: “150 things to do with a granny square.” But the book wasn’t enough to spend $25 on.

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