Edwards Menagerie

Edwards Menagerie – Birds
Genre: Crochet (beginner/intermediate)
ISBN: 978-1446306024
Published: David & Charles; New edition edition (August 11, 2015)
Rating: 5

This book is so cute. I love the idea of creating a whole bucketload of stuffed feathered frends for a sweet little boy.

Kerry Lord has broken down the 40+ bird patterns into 3 basic categories of skill levels: basic knowledge of simple stitches and basic color changes, a little  more complicated with stitches and color changes, and then lots of color changes. She’s also simplified the patterns by creating basic body/neck/head patterns, different kinds of feet and wings, and then telling you which ones to combine, when/where to modify to make that specific bird. For instance: a bird pattern will say: Work the “Grasping Leg but add more rounds before the wrist.” Then after you’ve got most of the body, the rest of the pattern tells the specific things, like the peacock feathers, or the specific beak for that bird.It’s a very concise way to do it and I like it.


It’s also very open about the size. Basically, she says to use whatever size hook and yarn you want as long as the tightness of the fabric works. Imagine being able to make a series of super cute dodo birds, or a nice big cuddly stuffed turkey! I want a cuddly stuffed turkey.


I think this book is super cute and I want to make peacocks and swans and eagles and flamingos now. I totally recommend checking out Edwards Menagerie Birds and the original Menagerie!

About the Book

The eagerly awaited follow-up to the runaway bestseller Edward's Menagerie has arrived with BIRDS! Featuring 40 fine-feathered friends including a bashful Flamingo, romance-writing Owl, and playful Penguin, these unforgettable crochet birds are quick to make using supersoft yarn in playful color palettes. Their larger-than-life personalities will fly off your hook as you crochet them for all your friends and family!

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About the Author

Kerry Lord is the designer and founder of the TOFT Alpaca Shop, a modern British knitwear company offering exclusive knitting and crochet patterns, alpaca yarns and workshops. TOFT takes British alpaca fleece from their own Alpaca flock and from elsewhere in the UK. Their fashion-led designs are available as both 'ready to wear' and 'ready to knit'. TOFT studio also hosts a full programme of knitting workshops and other textile courses for people to learn to knit from scratch, but also to develop advanced techniques.

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