Illustrated Quick Cook

Illustrated Quick Cook: Over 700 Quick Recipes by Heather Whinney
ISBN: 9781465430083
Published: June 2 2015 (first published September 1st 2009)
Rating: 5

This book is big. And heavy. And it makes me want to spend forever making yummy things.

It’s sorted into two main categories: Everyday, and Food for Friends. Within those categories are ten sub-categories (each, for a total of 20) such as No Cook, Get the Most from your Roast, Batch and Freeze, Big-Pot gatherings, No-cook desserts, Menu Planners, No-fuss Finger Foods, etc. Each recipe will tell the prep time, the cook time, tell you if it’s good frozen, or if it’s a healthy option. The front is loaded down with pictures and then sends you to the page with the recipe you want. The meals are also sorted by meat or protein type. And my favorite part?

Each recipe has a photo.

There are 700 recipes in this book. And each recipe has a photo. Next to it. You don’t even have to search for it.

This book makes me so happy. Check out the DK website for more preview pages like this one! ----->

This would be such a great gift to a young professional or soon-to-graduate college student. Or a mom who doesn’t want fifty cookbooks, just one. Or a guy who is afraid of cookbooks. Or people like me who don’t cook anything if there isn’t a photo of it. It’s everything you need for every kind of cook. Christmas is coming, you guys, and this is book is $25 at the publishers website, which in my opinion, is a steal.


About the Book

Illustrated Quick Cook is the most extensive and highly illustrated resource of "fast home cooking" recipes ever published.

Illustrated Quick Cook is designed to make life easier, from planning meals and cooking weeknight dinners to entertaining friends and hosting for the holidays. More than 700 recipes cover every need — from chapters on speedy international-inspired suppers and homestyle classics to batch-and-freeze recipes, "10 Ways" to transforms key ingredients into mealtime mains, and more. There's even a "no cook" chapter for whipping up inspired salads and sides.

More than just recipes, Illustrated Quick Cook offers fantastic value. Extra features include: 14 themed menu planners, recipe chooser galleries, Cheat tips, Cook's Notes, recipe variations, and practical information to introduce you to every time-saving chapter theme.

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About the Author

Heather Whinney grew up in Derbyshire, England, with simple home cooking. She trained as a home economist then went on to be the cooking school manager of the Cordon Vert Cookery School, the Vegetarian Society, and the food editor of Vegetarian Magazine.

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