Super Awesome Coloring Book

The Super Awesome Coloring Book, featuring original artwork by Mark Cesarik
Genre: Adult Coloring Book
ISBN: 9780692525791
Published: September 11th 2015 by Test Pattern Press
Rating: 4

Amazon | Mark Cesarik, Artist | Jenean Morrison, Editor

This is a really  nice combination of designs, especially if you really like coloring but you aren’t sure what you like coloring. Big shapes, or little detailed places? Fish or birds? recognizable things like flowers, or abstract shapes? This book has a good combo of all of them, and every design is interesting and fun. Some of the shapes are reminiscent of wallpaper (which sounds boring but remember there are some cool wallpapers out there) some remind me of my favorite floral print blouses, and others remind me of long-lost childhood day dreams (Polar bears and flowers? Yes).

One thing I like is they look good even if you color, like, most of one page, but decide not to finish. Some things don’t look good when you stop halfway through a design. These designs do.

I would have liked the paper not to bleed. If you’re going to use gel pens or markers, you have to put paper between the pages, because it will bleed. Also, most of the designs were a ton of small shapes to make one big picture, so it was highly detailed. I did really enjoy the designs and the process though! Recommended for ages 8+, gel pens, pencils, and markers (crayons would be hard because of the small spaces).

About the Book
Designed by popular NYC illustrator Mark Cesarik, The Super Awesome Coloring Book features 50 super-awesome, original coloring pages. Adult coloring enthusiasts will find this book both super and awesome. Here's why: polar bears, penguins, astronauts, fighter pilots, bulldogs, fishing lures, butterflies, modern chairs, other super stuff, other awesome things. You get to color ALL of the above and more! The designs are intricate and challenging, yet really relaxing, too. Perfect for relieving stress and exploring your creativity! Designs are printed on one side of the page only so you don't have to worry about bleed-through when using markers. This super and awesome book is also perfect for other media, like colored pencils and even crayons. Edited by best-selling coloring book artist Jenean Morrison.

About the Author
Who: Mark Cesarik
What: Graphic designer, illustrator, and painter with a BFA in painting and drawing from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago/In-house designer of home textiles/Licensed quilting fabric collections with Free Spirit Fabrics/Direct sales in the home, craft, and apparel industries/Work has appeared on everything from wallpaper to pajamas
Where: New York City
When: est. 1979
Why: Deep-seeded need to doodle and be creative

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