Poetic Crochet

Poetic Crochet: 20 Shawls Inspired by Classic Poems by Sara Kay Hartmann
Genre: Crochet
ISBN: 9781632500069
Published: October 22nd 2015 by Interweave Press
Rating: 4

If you like shawls that are elegant, artistic, and inspiring, this is the book for you. This is a stunning compilation of different crochet lace shawls inspired by different well known poems. There is a variety of shape, size, weight, texture, and pattern, but each is beautiful and distinct in it’s own right.

Now I prefer a heavier weight of yarn, larger hook, and simple stitches. Almost all of the patterns used DK weight, and the ones that used lace weight still used a larger hook. Some people won’t like that (or even consider it lace) but I really like it. I like working big, I can see what I’m doing, and I think the intricate stitching looks nicer with larger stitches. The stitches themselves were also not very complicated, just a really nice arrangement of beginner and intermediate stitches. This isn’t an advanced lace shawl book. It’s for beginner/intermediate crocheters ready for their next new, big project.

I would have liked for each pattern to have the poem it’s based off of written near it. It was done for just one of the patterns (Traveler) and I would have liked the others to be there as well. I can’t help but wonder if they were all supposed to have quotes on them? Why would just one have it? Lastly I would have liked to see the flat photograph (or at least a full diagram or drawing of the pieces). As lovely as the artistic photographs are, it’s very helpful to see the piece laid out flat.

Also the author’s name was spelled wrong on the back, so I’m not sure how well the inside and the patterns were edited. But we’ll give the editors the benefit of the doubt.


About the Book
Crocheted shawls inspired by classic poetry!

Just as poetry laces together the simplest of words into dramatic lyrical pieces, "Poetic Crochet" uses basic stitches to create a romantic, breathtaking collection of shawls and wraps.

When creating this classic, wearable collection of shawls, wraps, and stoles, you'll explore a variety of shawl shapes, construction techniques, borders, and edgings. Author Sara Kay Hartman shares her tips for selecting the fibers that work best in shawl making, how to achieve a beautiful drape, how to play with gauge when crocheting shawls, and more.

The patterns in "Poetic Crochet" won't require any special technique knowledge, but rather they have been designed to highlight the simple sophistication achievable with the most basic of stitches. Crocheters with any experience level, beginner to advanced, will find something rewarding--and poetic--in this inspired collection of 20 projects.


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